Korean Cult Shincheonji Uses Online Courses to 'Steal Sheep'

Shincheonji, a Korean cult, used online teaching to “steal sheep” in March 2020.
Shincheonji, a Korean cult, used online teaching to “steal sheep” in March 2020. (photo: Webchat account: "Zhendao" )
By Ai Mo April 27th, 2020

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic overseas, the media has focused on what is happening in other countries. As a result, the cult organization Shincheonji Church of Jesus, which within a few days caused the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in South Korea, has seemed to gradually fade out of the vision of the masses. However, some churches around the country continue to publish articles to remind believers to beware of the heresy.

On Palm Sunday the Shincheonji cult again appeared on a large scale. It was reported that the cult is operating under the slogan -"The epidemic cannot isolate us from God." Since March, people have been pulled into the cult’s online lessons, a situation which still continues.

A recent audio file distributed by the cult with its online lessons reported the following: "The Bible tells us about those who backslide, those who perish and those who find salvation. Jesus came along the route of backsliding perish. Do you know who receives salvation, who is apostate and who will perish? Those who don’t know about this don’t understand what the prophet has predicted. How can the one who doesn’t know the prophesy go to heaven? According to prophecy Jesus came into the world, but the Pharisees did not accept him, so where did these people finally go?”

The above paragraph is an example of the wrong teaching of Shincheonji, which repeatedly emphasizes that as long as you speak the word “heresy,” you are not a child of God and will go to hell.

According to the WeChat account Zhendao, Shincheonji recently established a group called "Course in Theological Metaphors" from the end of March to the beginning of April. In just a few days, it had attracted nine people and was broadcast live online at various times of the day. Courses were taught face-to-face through video chat. The lecturer's WeChat address was given as: Changchun, Jilin.

Previously, Zhendao has reported on Shincheonji's actions in China. The reports have included a collection of investigative reports on Xintiandi's activity in Siping; how the cult has used the "life code" to pull in people in Shenyang, used the "life code" for fortune-telling and deception, and revealed the deception behind "Chinese Characters Explained.”

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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