St. John's Church Launches Reopening Simulation Exercise

A church.
A church.
By Wang Bin June 4th, 2020

On May 31, in order to prepare for the reopening of the church and the resumption of church services after the COVID-19 outbreak, St. John's Church held an expanded meeting of the church committee to discuss and formulate a plan for how the church would conduct operations and follow the pandemic prevention guidelines. They also conducted a simulated exercise of personnel entering and leaving the church.

In an early stage, St. John's Church drew up a basic plan that referenced the experience of public places that are already open. At the expanded meeting of the church committee, Pastor Gao Xia explained several major issues that should be noted for the opening of the church and the restoration of church services, and the members discussed the draft plan.

Later, everyone simulated the process of entering and leaving the church. Believers need to present a Suzhou Health Code before entering the door of the church. After their entry has been approved, they should queue at appropriate distances and have their temperature taken at the main gate. If their temperature is normal, they can enter the church and use the entrance stairs. They must then wash their hands with a  sanitizer. After entering the worship area, they are seated according to the group fellowship. When exiting, people are to leave in order along the exit stairs and exit from the west entrance of the church. St. John's Church also set up a registration team and temporary area for people who do not already belong to a group fellowship.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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