Christian Artists Embrace New Year

The year 2021
The year 2021 (photo: Steven Ma)
By Phoebe Zhou January 12th, 2021

At the beginning of the new year, Christian artists looked back to the past tough year and forward into the future.

Hongkong Christian movie star Vivian Chow said on China's Twitter Weibo, "The universe is so huge. We can't predict the future, but what we learned in the past is the power to push us forward. Regardless of the external environment, we must keep our faith, calm down, and walk in the right way. Now we've stepped into 2021. Happy New Year! Love you all."

Singaporean singer JJ Lin concluded, "What a tough year! At the end of 2020, I can't help recalling the things that happened this year. The important thing is not what we achieved, but what we still have. It reminds me that even if the epidemic is raging, we still should make every day meaningful. I am grateful for what I learned through the difficulties, the friends I made, the songs I sang. I hope the brand-new beginning will bring a chance to heal. We have walked through everything side by side and will keep an indomitable spirit. 2021, here we are! happy New Year!

Actor Steven Ma from Hong Kong claimed, “Although there was so much unhappiness, I still appreciate every pain and reflection that 2020 brought me. 2020, thank you, but I will not miss you! I will use the most optimistic, joyful, and positive mood to welcome a certain beautiful 2021! May everyone be safe, healthy, and happy! Thank God! Amen!"

"After a year of various hardships, I strengthened my heart, got out of the predicament, and saw the world more clearly. I wish in the new year, I will become a person with a broader mind, a more forward-looking vision, and live younger. Let's work hard together," Christian actress Sheren Tang stated.

Hongkong actress Ada Choi shared, "No matter how 2020 was, we have experienced it and grown! No matter how 2021 will be, we will face it with joy!"

Taiwanese-American professional basketball player Jeremy Lin said, "2020 brought us joy but also global disaster. Come on 2021!!"

- Translated by Yuehan Jiang

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