Christian Player Jeremy Lin Donates to Rural Left-behind Children

Jeremy Lin with some left-behind children in a charity activity
Jeremy Lin with some left-behind children in a charity activity (photo: Jeremy Lin)
By March 5th, 2021

On March 2, Jeremy Lin, a Christian basketball player, shared this year’s three-pointer charity plan on Weibo, China's Twitter.

Each three-pointer donation will be used to support the “Left-behind Children Care Project”, pay attention to the healthy development of left-behind children in five dimensions of nutrition, safety, psychology, reading, and companionship.

Lin wrote on Weibo, "Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, during the Spring Festival, many left-behind children in the countryside could not stay with their parents who are working in various cities. Therefore, for this year’s three-pointer charity, I will donate 7,000 yuan for every three-pointer to support #Left-behind Children Care Project# and care about their healthy growth from five dimensions: nutrition, safety, psychology, reading, and companionship."

He continued, "Let’s pray for these children and hope their separation from their parents won’t be long. I hope I can do something for the public welfare and bring warmth to the children. So far there have been 15 three-pointers and a donation of 105,000 yuan. I hope I can work harder and make more shots! Everyone is welcome to participate in public welfare and care for left-behind children.”

Some fans commented, "Thank you to everyone who contributes to the public welfare, and hope the children feel the warmth of your love."

Another said, "I believe you will have more three-pointers and more love❤️."

"❤️Follow you in doing charity and showing our love."

- Translated by Yuehan Jiang

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