Christian Charities Raise Funds for Special People on Tencent's 99 Giving Day

Fang Ming, a thalassemia project specialist of the Hainan Beatitudes Foundation, visited a Henan family of a girl suffering from thalassemia, on an unknown day in August 2022.
Fang Ming, a thalassemia project specialist of the Hainan Beatitudes Foundation, visited a Henan family of a girl suffering from thalassemia, on an unknown day in August 2022. (photo: Hainan Beatitudes Foundation)
By John ZhangSeptember 13th, 2022

Many Christian charities invited Chinese netizens to participate in matching donations for their projects which assist the disadvantaged on China's largest online fundraising day. 

During Tencent’s 99 Giving Day, this annual public philanthropy campaign in China which lasted from September 1 to 10 this year, Ji'nan Faith & Hope & Love Disability Service Center in northeast China’s Shandong Province again launched a project assisting autistic adults in finding jobs, having received more than 370,000 yuan since September last year. 

Elim Home in Xuchang City, in China’s northern Henan Province, raised money to carry out continuous care for spiritual growth for children in need. Adopting orphans and prisoner’s children, the NGO conducts professional guidance, experiential learning activities, spiritual counseling, and specialty learning for these children in difficulty. 

"Love My Neighbor" Community Service & Development Center in Beijing launched a fundraising project to provide beds, meals, and spiritual companionship for families who take seriously ill children to Beijing for medical treatment.

Shanghai Agape Foundation cares for three kinds of people. They distribute care packages to the needy (including the elderly), help treat children with clubfoot, and provide help to cancer patients and their families to reduce stress.

On the Tencent public welfare platform, the National Council of YWCAs of China has launched two projects conducted by Nanjing YWCA. They are engaged in enriching the spiritual life of the elderly through themed lectures and free medical clinics and carrying out mountain climbing, horticultural therapy, and outings for the mentally challenged.

Twenty mentally handicapped young people are being funded by the fundraising project owned by Fujian Suixin Public Service Center to work in Xingyuandao Workshop Café in Xiamen, Fujian.

Participating also in this campaign, Renai Marriage and Family Service Center in central China’s Anhui Province solves marital problems through themed lectures, salon activities, and camps for couples.

The National Council of YMCAs plans to help children and teenagers from 6 to 18 years old relieve their psychological pressure by teaching them health concepts and healthy living skills.

Amity Home of Blessings in Nanjing, Jiangsu, lets children with autism receive inclusive education by improving their study habits and learning abilities in accordance with the public school requirements. At the same time, funds will be used to pay part of the rent of institutions that provide education to students with autism.

Initiated by Amity Foundation, two projects are rolled out in Shanghai. With the donations, Ark Caring Home provides accommodation and care services for cancer patients and their families; and Dorcas Palliative Care Center carries out its volunteer training and visiting care for children with advanced cancer and the elderly with severe illness.

The Beatitudes Foundation in south China’s Hainan Province raised a fund to help treat children with thalassemia in relays.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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