Interview: Gen Z Overcomes Pressure in the Workplace

A picture shows two men in their workplace.
A picture shows two men in their workplace. (photo:
By Steve Sun February 16th, 2023

Generation Z Brother Lin majored in architectural design and joined the big data industry. Now he works in a company in Guangzhou. During his five years as a believer, he encountered the same pressures and problems as others in his work. However, after actively uniting with the church pastors, he made wise responses to the work and interpersonal relationship pressure in his workplace.

The Christian Times, a Chinese online Christian newspaper in China, recently interviewed him about his faith life and career performance grown steadily in the past year.

Christian Times: Brother Lin, can you share your conversion experience?

Brother Lin: I was born in 1996. My college major is architectural design, but after three years in this profession, I chose to join the big data industry. My relationship with God has also undergone subtle changes.

I became a Christian in 2018. When I was a child, I followed my grandmother to church. When I was in kindergarten and grade one or two in primary school, my only impression was that as long as I prayed before the exam, God would let me get good grades. I did not believe it when I grew up. After I graduated from college, my first boss preached the gospel to me. It's been five years since I became a Christian.

Christian Times: How did your boss preach the gospel to you?

Brother Lin: When I was an intern, I worked in the production workshop. I happened to see a calendar of Jesus there, so I asked my boss if some of his family believe in the Lord as my grandmother bought it. He said that his whole family is Christians, and took me to the church. We happened to join the youth fellowship, and the believers praised God in unison. The church was in the city of my college. Later, I went to Shenzhen and Guangzhou for work.

Christian times: In the workplace, how do you face work and interpersonal relationship pressure?

Brother Lin: As I studied architectural design and then transferred to IT, the process was not easy. I found a big gap between my colleagues, even though I may even work harder than others, which made me feel sad.

Later, I had an hour's telephone conversation with a sister pastor who set my mind free. She said that work is just for God to practice me, so do not take the job too seriously. God has promised not to let us get hungry. She told me to fix my eyes on God. Later, I found that it was not so difficult to survive in the environment, and I also overcame my feeling of unfairness and complaining.

Before, I had to work overtime until 9-10 pm, but through the conversation, I learned that God is more important than work. I began to adjust my work pace and efficiency. I slowly got off work from 10 pm to 7 pm, and then 5: 30 pm on time. As some tasks were not urgent, I made a long-term plan and finished it bit by bit every day.

Although a Christian, I may criticize others when in a hurry at work. But in the past six months, I did not yell at or scold anyone even as I was busy with my work.

I have to hand in my work on time. So, for the requirements, I would give my own evaluations, such as the part that I can promise to deliver on the spot, the part that will take some time to deliver, and the part that I can find a replacement.

The infighting between colleagues in my previous job lasted for more than half a year, but not in this job now. Thank God for leading me to wisely overcome this tension.

This year, God calmed my heart. I am convinced that building my own life is more beneficial than everything else. If I want to preach the gospel and serve others, I must have a mature life first. This mature life is a close relationship with God, and coming to God to pray. Sometimes I'm in charge of a Bible reading group at church and praise God, which helps me grow. Then I'll be able to keep my faith and work in balance.

- Translated by Oliver Zuo

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