Christian Matrimonial Platform Helps Older Singles Find Partners

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A picture of a couple in a wedding (photo:
By Esther TianMarch 6th, 2024

The issue of older singles is not only a societal problem but also a concern for the church. Liu, a Christian man born in the 1980s, has settled in western China and currently works as a counselor on a Christian dating platform, dedicating years to serving the community of single Christians.

Building a matrimonial platform through youth activities

Liu embraced Christianity in 2006, but his involvement in the church was not very active initially. In 2011, following a failed romantic relationship, he began seeking help from the church more frequently, with his faith growing strong in the truth. Since the second half of 2012, he has been actively engaged in church ministries, organizing activities for the youth such as studies, travels, and dinners.

In 2013, Liu and several Christians planned the singles fellowship—more precisely, a Christian marriage introduction platform. They frequently organized activities that appealed to young people, such as mountain climbing, dancing, sports, and cooking. Initially, members of their church attended, followed by believers from numerous other churches.

After 2015, within this fellowship, several people entered into marriage each year. Liu himself found his life partner through fellowship activities, stepping into the realm of marriage.

The significance of the Christian relationship platform

Organizing such activities requires a considerable amount of energy and time and does not generate profits. However, after discussions with staff members, Liu persevered in this endeavor.

He believes that personally speaking, it is meaningful that individuals can not only pick their life partner but also receive protection, guidance, and timely assistance through those activities.

Liu explained, "For the church, it is also a good thing. After marriage, believers are willing to continue participating in ministries and gradually becoming the core workers, without resistance from their Christian spouses to attending services and ministering." He knows that many believers have previously stopped serving or even attending gatherings due to their non-Christian partners.

In terms of society, Christian families are formed with guidance from professional teachers to develop the right perspectives on marriage and family.


This non-profit organization receives support from some churches and opposition from others. Some churches misunderstand them, thinking they make money through activities. However, the modest fees collected during each event often fall short of covering the overall expenses. The staff have also self-taught some skills to undertake relatively flexible, time-saving jobs to support their activities and sustain their families.

Liu stated that the ministry must be run by full-time workers instead of part-time in the long run. In addition, there have been difficulties along the journey: unsupportive churches fear people from different churches stealing sheep; participants complain about mismatches among introduced individuals, and believers may blame them if marriage conflicts arise. There are not many believers entering into marriage through their efforts.

Focus on meaning, not results

Liu finds a sense of accomplishment when he sees believers forming intimate connections in the fellowship. Besides providing a platform, the ministry also offers diverse services, including pre-marital counseling, psychological counseling, fashion advice for Christian men struggling with dressing, assistance for introverted believers in communicating with the opposite sex, and even wedding planning.

He also offers two pieces of advice for single Christians. One of Liu's experiences is that "those who are willing to accept guidance and humbly listen to advice often find suitable partners more quickly."

Furthermore, he encourages older single Christian individuals to participate in activities that allow more people to recognize them. "No matter who you are, there will always be someone who appreciates and likes you."

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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