Training Conference for Chinese Theological Preaching Team Kicks Off in Shanghai

A training conference for the Chinese theological construction propaganda team was conducted in Shanghai on March 27-28, 2024.
A training conference for the Chinese theological construction propaganda team was conducted in Shanghai on March 27-28, 2024. (photo: CCC&TSPM)
By John ZhangApril 4th, 2024

CCC&TSPM conducted a training course for the Chinese theological construction propaganda team, marking its first national working conference after the 11th National Chinese Christian Congress.

On March 27-28, the meeting was attended by more than 150 members of preaching teams from all over the country and leaders of CC&TSPMs in provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities, said CCC&TSPM.

Rev. Wu Wei, president of the China Christian Council (TSPM), emphasized in his opening speech that this conference was related to the development of the propaganda team in the next five years.

Rev. Xu Xiaohong, chairman of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM), interpreted the "Outline of the Five-Year Work Plan for Further Advancing the Sinicization of Christianity (2023-2027)" ("Outline" hereinafter) in his lecture. Pastor Xu pointed out that the process of sinicization of Christianity had entered a new stage from the initial stage to gradually deepening, as the “Outline” featured breaking through theological problems to build the foundation of Chinese theology; deepening localization of Christianity with church practices; perfecting organizational support by implementing responsibilities.

Xu provided an interpretation of the “Outline” from the perspectives of God, Christ, humanity, and the church. He hoped that the participants would continue to explore the sinicization of Bible translation, theological education, pastoral care, and expression of faith.

Pastor Xu suggested that special committees of CCC&TSPM, CC&TSPMs at diverse levels, and theological seminaries make feasible work suggestions on de-westernization, decolonization, and de-vulgarization in the process of sinicization with tailored efforts and bold practice.

Professor Chen Yongtao of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary gave a special lecture titled "Exploring the Doctrine of God from the Perspective of Chinese Culture," emphasizing the importance of academic thinking and talent cultivation in the sinicization of Christianity.

On March 28, Rev. Lin Manhong, vice president and general secretary of the CCC, succinctly reviewed the main work and achievements of the propaganda team over the past twelve years, as well as the challenges they faced, and deployed the main work for 2024.

Rev. Lin pointed out that preaching team members should preach sermons with this-year theme of "Respect Life, Witness Glory," adhering to the direction of the sinicization of Christianity.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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