Pastor's Story: Decades' Journey of Faith, Ministry, Marriage

By Sophia LiuApril 17th, 2024

Though Pastor Gao is a very ordinary person, God’s power and mercy manifest in every aspect of his life.

Since he could remember, Pastor Gao felt that his father was not very good, for his father had been beating his mother for many years. Moreover, his father would sleep for several days without working, eating, or drinking whenever he got angry.

His mother asked a local pastor to lead his father to Christ. At first, his father didn't want to go to church, but after attending a gathering, he apologized to his mother for his wrong behavior. Shocked at his father’s change, he secretly followed the pastor and his father to church the following Sunday. After that, he often went to the pastor's home to study the Bible and listened to a broadcast course twice from a Bible college. Later, he went to work in another place and joined a church choir. Later, he and several believers established a church and was responsible for church affairs.

In his ministry, God also prepared a virtuous and devout wife for him. At that time, Pastor Gao planned to return to his hometown to establish a church, dreaming of providing one-on-one Bible training. Since he couldn't find male students at the time, he taught a couple of sisters and his current wife the Bible.

Shortly after getting married, Pastor Gao went out to work with his wife. At the same time, they also conducted a Bible study group, serving God while working.

One day, while Pastor Gao was working, his stomach suddenly began to ache unbearably. But when he took leave and left the company's gate, the pain stopped. It was like this for three consecutive days. He believed it was God reminding him to serve full-time. Additionally, while listening to a radio program, he heard, "If you want to do a more stable and firm ministry, you should solely serve Him." After discussing and praying with his wife at home, he decided to resign and serve God full-time.

But when Pastor Gao and his wife returned home after resigning, someone introduced them to a job, and they decided to accept it. However, his wife suddenly had a congenital heart disease attack. They returned to their hometown, as the illness could not be cured easily, even in big cities. With the help of local pastors who came to visit her, Pastor Gao took his wife to study theology for two years, remembering that he had made a prayer of dedication years ago. Then, they went to serve in City A. During a surgery in a hospital in Beijing, she was healed after Gao’s prayers.

After many years of marriage, his wife became pregnant. According to her physical condition, she was not supposed to get pregnant. Seven months into the pregnancy, she began bleeding, and the cervix dilated, with the baby about to be born. Born smoothly with Gao’s prayer, the baby only exhaled and did not inhale, and his wife also bled heavily. He kneeled and prayed, asking for intercessory prayers from other believers. God listened to their prayers, and the child is very healthy now. Many years later, they had another child who was safely delivered, while his wife also experienced similar bleeding.

Later, a brother in Christ asked Pastor Gao to serve full-time for his spiritual gifts in evangelism, but Pastor Gao was also worried about financial issues. God strengthened his heart through the offerings of believers. After a retreat, a Christian man approached Pastor Gao, saying he was moved to donate 10,000 yuan to him. Another time, a sister in Christ also offered a sum of 10,000 yuan. Later, he provided 40,000 yuan donated by others to buy a car, which the church needed for evangelism.

Gifted at evangelism, he is good at establishing small groups wherever he goes, using a management mode for the church. The groups he led developed better and better. After Thanksgiving Day, his son, who was well taken care of, called him, saying, "I must serve God like you."

Pastor Gao confesses that he and his wife have dedicated their lives to God to serve Him solely. "If we don't do it, someone else will. Since God has given me such gifts, I want to use them well in His kingdom."

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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