Christian Singer Leehom Wang Produces Sleep Aid Audio For Insomniacs

Christian singer Leehom Wang
Christian singer Leehom Wang (photo: Leehom Wang)
By Christine Lau May 18th, 2021

Recently, Christian singer Leehom Wang shared his concerns about insomnia on China's Twitter, Weibo.

As there are so many people having sleeping problems, taking sleeping pills is not a very effective way. Leehom discovered a way to quickly enter deep sleep with zero side effects, which is hypnosis. He produced a sleep aid audio, hoping it would be helpful for people in need.

He wrote on Weibo, "I don't like seeing my friends taking sleeping pills, but too many people around me are suffering from insomnia. I also used to be upside-down day and night because of jet lag or acting, and I had to sleep when I was not sleepy. But I never took sleeping pills. Later, I discovered a very effective way to make me quickly enter deep sleep with zero side effects: hypnosis."

"People suffering insomnia can try my sleep aid audio. The content comes from a British Hypnotist, Glenn Harrold. I translated it into Chinese and dubbed it with the charming voice of Lo Pei-An. Many friends said it is helpful. If you have sleeping problems, I sincerely hope you can get help from it. It is a gift, not for sale, because as your brother, I hope you can have a good sleep," he added. 

Fans commented, "Thanks. I have recently been suffering from insomnia."

Another message read, "Just in time! I often suffer from insomnia! Thank you for your recommendation!"

A netizen replied, "I can finally say goodbye to insomnia and light sleep. Thanks. I have saved it!” 

- Translated by Yuehan Jiang

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