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Chinese Celebrity: Social Darwinism’s Role in Brainwashing in Human History

Chinese Celebrity: Social Darwinism’s Role in Brainwashing in Human History

Gao Xiaosong Gao Xiaosong
ByRuth Wang December 29, 2015
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“Speaking of Darwin’s evolution theory, the Chinese tend to show respect towards it. However, it actually has many defects and Social Darwinist has a role of brainwashing in human history,” Gao Xiaosong speaks bluntly in the latest Fantastic Argument of Xiaosong on December18.

Since last Friday he talked about the Industrial Revolution, the era during human history that has to do with rapid progress since 1860. This theme is the cruel expansion of Europe. He refers to the Industrial Revolution as it gives rise to big progress in Europe. Colonial expansion happened due to the need of market and resources but colonists first feel guilty with the atrocious things in the colony, especially slave trades, yet “survival of the fittes and natural selection” from Darwin’s evolution theory gave them theoretical support and let them be crueler.

As the Overture in 1860, an earthshaking evolution theory was published in 1859. Today everyone can refute it, so did I on my program, whereas the limitation of people in that era, Darwin is not a scientist but a naturalist. Just because he has read many books and went to many places, he has drawn such a conclusion. But actually the theory is untenable in natural science, he told. 

But the defective theory of evolution has brought on big enlightenment, Gao said, it is the Social Darwinism. In the beginning, those colonists considered their life is better, however to the colony, they do not feel good. In addition, at that time, Britain took the initiative to abandon slavery, a great abolitionist movement which was guided by convinced Christian, William Wilbur, due to God’s calls. Meanwhile, while fighting the slave trade, everything stopped with its publishing.

Why so? Gao Xiaosong has insight that Social Darwinism lead Western powers went to an insane and bloody state, just a theory foundation they gained - “survival of the fittest and natural selection.” Not only have they brainwashed the European’s way of thinking but also have impact on China. Afterward, China opened the gate of the country and the first batch of translation works included the theory of evolution. And whether the Westernization Movement or the Hundred Days' Reform, a large number of people believed in it - I am the one that God had chosen, so I am the lucky one. Others are backward species and should be cleaned out. The idea is too awful to rationalize the crime.

In fact, Darwinists did not think so, he just watched flowers, grass, fish, but this idea provided an important theoretical basis to the whole of the West. So, the expansion is very cruel then although the upper class looked very polite, freedom and democracy to their own country, the brutal expansion to foreign countries, to meet their need of resource development. The core values of Bible is love, "the elder shall serve the younger," "the stronger shall serve the weak," such values has changed the uncivilized Europe. St. Paul brought the Gospel to Europe from the New Testament records and established the history of Western civilization. But after the 19th century, much Anti-Christian philosophy came into being. Europe has produced many new trends, including Darwin's theory of evolution that has been used against Christianity and the church power then the social Darwinism also brought entirely different values and lead to suffer a big loss. 

Note: Gao Xiaosong is a Chinese composer, songwriter, music producer, director, and "Campus Folk" representative.

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