Portrait Exhibition of Aged Preachers of Church in Nujiang, Yunnan

Old Soldiers Never Die
Old Soldiers Never Die (photo: CCD)
By Jotham Dai September 13th, 2016

A portrait photography exhibition of the aged preachers of the church in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Old Soldiers Never Die, They Just Fade Away, was held from August 27 to September 11 in Chinese Academy of Oil Painting. 

The photographer Peng Rong tells CCD that he and a church of Guiyang visited the aged preachers in the prefecture and gave donations. He says that he was really amazed that only twenty or thirty aged Chinese preachers gathered in Nujiang region, which seldom appears in China. 

During the communication with the servants of God, their peace, joy and calm lifeattitude without complaints impressed him. Peng adds, "Maybe most people look back on their life to see any material or wealth left in their seventies and eighties. These senior preachers live in poverty, but remain very joyful. I can feel that their hope is in heaven."

Aged Preachers of Church in Nujiang, Yunnan (Credit: CCD)
Aged Preachers of Church in Nujiang, Yunnan (Credit: CCD)


The number of Christians in Fugong County accounts to more than 70% of the total population. The crime rate there remains zero. The majority of the locals are Lisu people who hardly contact other ethnic groups.

About the exhibition, many comments show misunderstandings about the church in Nujiang area. Peng replied, "Many misundertood that there were only aged preachers while it is not the truth. I only took photos of twenty or thirty senior preachers above 70. There were many young pastoral workers in Nujiang. "

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