Christian Singer G.E.M Says We often See Speck of Sawdust in Others’ Eyes, not Plank in Ours

G.E.M. (photo: G.E.M.'s microblog)
By Phoebe Zhou August 12th, 2020

Christian singer G.E.M shared on August 9 that many times we fail to recognize planks in our own eyes while seeing specks of sawdust in others.

After being a guest teacher for The Coming One, a Chinese reality show of cultivating idols, she posted the following on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter: 

“Sometimes we criticize other people that they should do this or that, but we may have strong prejudices inside ourselves.

Because we only look at the speck of sawdust in others’ eyes, but fail to pay attention to a plank in our own eyes. 

Life is not easy.

We’re all like lambs and wolves.

We all live in a world where it is difficult to tell right from wrong.

That’s my reflection after being a teacher for several episodes of The Coming One.”

Many fans felt touched. Some of their comments said, “The important thing is to be who you are since we should always believe that what other people say is just their own feelings.”

“Thank you. I can really learn many precious things from you who can always influence others by your own experiences.”

- Translated by Karen Luo


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