Christian Artist Applies AI to New Pieces

A portrait of Jesus holding a lamb
A portrait of Jesus holding a lamb (photo: Li Zuoren)
By Serena TseMarch 11th, 2024

Christian painter Mr. Li Zuoren recently employed artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create Christian oil paintings.

Li Zuoren, born in 1957, specializes in architectural design and oil painting as one of the first batch of top students to graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts following the reform and opening up in China. Some churches in China appreciate his church design style, which combines Chinese and Western elements from both Catholic and Protestant Christianity, with a preference for the latter.

Li's Christian-style creations mostly depict oil paintings of Jesus Christ, with a resolution this year to utilize AI technology to draw Jesus and other faith-related artwork.

Recently, he unveiled seven new pieces, all of which are portraits of Christ created using AI and his creativity. The new works contain a variety of styles, with Jesus dressed differently and in multiple settings.

Regarding his new works, Mr. Li claimed that he will continue to put in more effort into creating better paintings for the gospel, freely contributing them to Christian media ministries.

- Translated by Poppy Chan

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