Remembering 'Son of God', the Movie that Presented the Truly Face of Jesus Christ

The actor Diogo Morgado playing Jesus
The actor Diogo Morgado playing Jesus (photo: Twenty Century Fox)
By Pedro López HernándezApril 1st, 2024

Ten years before, "The Passion of the Christ" saw the light and there was little talk of any other religious production that had impact, but in 2014 "Son of God" was released.

The production of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey is a resume of the miniseries "The Bible" (2013), focused on the life of Jesus through the disciple John (the narrator), who in his old age is exiled on Patmos. Directed by Christopher Spencer, the staging narrates an important part of the New Testament and introduces with winks episodes of the Old Testament, such as the universal flood. 

Other cinematographic tapes had already shown the human nature of Jesus, but this film was the one that finally broke with his cold image, because each scenes projected his divine side, but also his sentimental, paternal and understanding part (although ‘Jesus’ of 1999 had already laid the groundwork). In fact, the Portuguese Diogo Morgado is considered the actor who has best represented Christ.

In United States of America and Canada, "Son of God" reported good sales in the cinemas. According to the website IMDB, in the first weekend of the mentioned countries, the movie grossed $25,601,865 dollars. In Latin America, the cinemas looked full. Even in U.S.A., Downey and Burnett screened the movie in prisons and centers of marginalized people.

The production was released on July 3 (in Hong Kong) and on May 9 (in Taiwan) respectively, like the Christian Times and Christian Daily explained. The Gospel Herald talked about the impact of the production in other nations, in the article “Christian movie ‘Son of God’ achieves box office miracle before release”: “There are also reports that in Spain and South Korea, some pastors will also rent out theaters to play ‘Son of God’. Many business leaders also donate tickets to churches and non-profit organizations”.

Critics have discredited this film. It has even been judged on several occasions for the way in which the subject was approached. However, the producers expressed at the time that they were interested in the public getting to know Jesus and getting closer to God, through emotions.

Ten years have passed since this event, but the film still manages to awaken something different and special. 

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