2024 JRCC Annual Meeting Held Online

The Journal of Research for Christianity in China
The Journal of Research for Christianity in China
By Sophia LiuMay 14th, 2024

The 2024 JRCC (Journal of Research for Christianity in China) Annual Meeting was held online on April 27.

At the meeting, ten scholars from China and overseas shared various topics. Professor Liu Ping of Fudan University gave a lecture entitled "Bishop Huntington's 30 Years in the Anking Diocese (1909-1940)"; Dr. Nie Li of South-central Minzu University gave a lecture entitled "Analysis of the Preparations for the Establishment of the Wartime Hankou Safe Zone"; and Dr. Xie Yilin of Jinan University gave a lecture entitled "The New International Image of Chinese Christianity: An Academic Investigation Based on the Works of Thomas Torrance".

In addition, Associate Professor Xiao Qinghe of Peking University, Dr. Guo Jianbin of Southwest Minzu University, Associate Professor Peng Rui of Nanchang University, and Dr. Xi Wang of Peking University shared their thoughts on Catholicism's discussion of the distinctions between civilization and barbarism during the Ming-Qing period, Quan Huo Ji, the Protestant Reformation and the granting of titles to Chinese popular deities, and Wagner on Christianity as an offshoot of Buddhism.

Dr. Jacob Feng Chengwei of Fuller Theological Seminary gave a lecture entitled "Embodied Critical Realism as a New Theological Approach to the Theology-Science-Religion Trialogue". Dr. Xu Songzan of Cambridge University gave a lecture entitled "Tracing the Flow, Points of Convergence, and Shifting of Signifiers in Watchman Nee's Theology (1920-1952): A Post-Structuralist Perspective".

The Center of Christianity and China in Los Angeles, USA, was established in 2006. Since its establishment, the Center has begun to contact and cooperate with the academic community in China to jointly promote research on topics related to Christianity and China. In October 2007, the Center invited more than 30 experts from China and abroad to hold an academic conference entitled "Review and Prospect of Chinese-Western Cultural Exchanges in Commemoration of the Bicentennial of Robert Morrison's Coming to China." Since then, the Center has been organizing annual symposia on Christianity and China in cooperation with universities in China. In 2013, the Center launched the biannual Journal of Research for Christianity in China, which publishes scholarly articles in English and Chinese on topics related to the study of Christianity in China.

- Translated by Joyce Leung

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