Northeast China Theological Seminary Celebrates the Inauguration of Panshi International Church

The Preparation
1/10The Preparation(photo: Deng Shiyan)
The Choir
2/10The Choir(photo: Deng Jiaxin)
The Sermon
3/10The Sermon(photo: Deng Jiaxin)
The Prayer
4/10The Prayer(photo: Deng Jiaxin)
Praising Songs
5/10Praising Songs(photo: Deng Jiaxin)
The Communion Service
6/10The Communion Service(photo: Deng Jiaxin)
The Ordination
7/10The Ordination(photo: Deng Jiaxin)
Sing songs
8/10Sing songs(photo: Deng Jiaxin)
The Communion2
9/10The Communion2
The Church
10/10The Church (photo: Deng Jiaxin)
By Deng JiaxinOctober 21st, 2015
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