Sunday, July 21st, 2024
Article by:Thomas Zhang

Interview With Pastor: Looking Forward to Sacred Music Ministry Taking Root in Chinese Churches

“If a church possesses a well-established sacred music ministry... and is able to actively collaborate with other departments under orderly and effective coordination, as well as establish an overall work plan chart, evaluating and formulating the development direction of music ministry and talent cultivation plans in conjunction with the church’s cyclical development outline, then this church is bound to grow even more rapidly,” said a full-time minister of sacred music at a church in East China.

Interview: 'Parents Need to Be Trained in Families'

"In the context of family, it's not only children who need to be educated; parents are the group who should be trained as well." A minister with years of experience in family ministry discussed his insights into building faith-based families.

Feature: Revival in Mountain Valley

In Shanxi's mountains, a county church held a New Year gathering on the first day of the Chinese Lunar Year. Yet, this event held a deeper meaning—a story of revival, rising from the pandemic's shadow.

Feature: Youth Ministry Makes Innovations to Attract Gen Z

An increasing number of young believers are leaving the church to seek opportunities elsewhere, including those who serve as church workers and theological students. However, some youth fellowships are exploring and experiencing success in receiving, shepherding, and calling young people.
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