Monday, May 20th, 2024
Article by:Wa Qi

The Woman Who Fought Her Husband Changed Totally After Becoming Believer

In the beginning, Sister W was as petulant and stubborn as her husband. After marrying, they started arguing with each other almost daily over household chores, even rousing the neighbors with their noise. She began to forgive her husband who cheated on her after becoming a Christian and the couple reconciled.

How Do We Solve the Lack of Small Group Leaders?

Due to the impact of the pandemic on in-person large worship services, pastors have attached importance to small group ministry. However, the biggest obstacle to small group ministry in Chinese churches is the shortage of small group leaders.

'Thank Lord, I Have His Protection!': Grateful Testimony of 80-Y-O Woman

Sister L, born in 1940, has turned 81 this year. Short and slightly hunched, she still walks steadily, and even young people struggle to keep up with her. She is rather witty and speaks quickly. Younger people often ask her, "Why are you still so energetic at your age?" She always answers with smiles, "Thank the Lord, I have His protection!"

Heartache! Two Village Churches Closed Down Due to Lack of Pastors

What I have seen during my church life over the years is that the churchgoers of the local village come and go, one after another, and there are not many believers who really have faith in Christian teachings. I have even seen some pastors leave the church and abandon the life of faith. Especially, I noticed that there were two local village churches, which had been closed in recent years, with their followers scattered!
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