Taiwanese Christian Singer Posts: 'Is Life Like Lego?'

 A picture of Sien Vanessa, a Taiwanese singer
A picture of Sien Vanessa, a Taiwanese singer (photo:  Sien Vanessa)
By Esther TianNovember 23rd, 2022

A Taiwanese Christian singer shared her life reflection into poetry on China's Twitter Weibo. 

In her poetry, Sien Vanessa, a Taiwanese singer, shared her insights into life on November 13:

“I break my old self into pieces.

With some pieces of my old self, I rebuilt my new self. 

What shall I be in the future?

 I don’t know.

I will be more mature,

I will be content with what I have.

Life is too dull to live according to the script in the head, isn't it?

 Could it be an open ending, or is it already destined?

 As I talked to myself on the mountain road,

 I felt like I was reorganizing.

 Is life like Lego?" 

Sien, the leading singer of the Joshua Band in Taiwan, made her debut in 2006 with the album "Unexpected " and participated in the making of the music video for "Welcome to Beijing" at the Chinese National Stadium (Bird's Nest) in 2008. 

Many netizens said they became her fans after watching the music video for "Welcome to Beijing." As a gospel singer, Sien has a broader fan base among Christians.

In addition to singing popular gospel music, she has composed many touching lyrics.

After 18 years of marriage to Pastor Ewen Chow (Joshua's Band leader), she gave birth to her first child in May of this year, receiving many blessings from artists and netizens. 

Sien likes to exchange her daily routine on Weibo or share encouragement with fans, such as the healing text, "In life, suffering creates abundance, and the strength to be brave comes from facing sadness." Netizens thoughtfully responded, "Walking this road does require a brave heart."

- Translated by Richard Zou

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