Christian Celebrity Eric Moo Shares Testimony of Overcoming "Three Evils”

Eric Moo, a Chinese singer born in Malaysia, gave a testimony in the second online sermon organized by KUA GLOBAL on August 7, 2021.
Eric Moo, a Chinese singer born in Malaysia, gave a testimony in the second online sermon organized by KUA GLOBAL on August 7, 2021. (photo:  KUA GLOBAL)
By Christine Lau August 31st, 2021

Christian Singer Eric Moo testified how Christ led him over three addictions in a worldwide evangelistic rally. 

Netizens from all over the world, including Malaysia, Japan, and Los Angeles, tuned in for this meeting which was even broadcast live with instant interpretation in multiple languages to better serve everyone who attended on August 7.

At the second evangelistic conference organized by Kua Global premiered on the global network, Moo shared how he relied on prayer and Christ to overcome the most difficult "three evils" in his life - tobacco, alcohol, and gambling.

 "To this day, I feel very lucky," said he. "I have found the direction that my life can now follow. I have found my faith and the facts I believe, and my life has been so much brighter ever since.”

The star confessed that he had been transformed from being a smoker, alcoholic, and gambler to a victorious person with self-control and that the changes in his life were plain to see.

He confessed, "I am still not perfect, and I am still unworthy to face my God. I still have many problems and shortcomings, but I won't be afraid. Because I had no support before, but now, when I am weak, I learn to confess to the Lord and admit my weakness, because repentance comes from confession. I confess in front of my wife, family, children, and friends. Because if you don't put down your pride and status, your life will become like the devil. This can go unnoticed until one day when it's too late, leaving you with regret for the rest of your life.”

 "Thanks be to the Lord for changing me. Not because of my own efforts, but because the Lord accepted me and never abandoned me. I thank my Lord, I thank Abba, Father, Amen! " he added. 

At the end of the meeting, Rev. Gordon Huang, senior pastor of Taiwan Danshui church and a variety show host, led the participants to respond to the call with Luke 4:18-19 and John 8:34, 36: "Who knows our struggle, pain, and brokenness?” There may also be issues of lust, emotion, money, jealousy, hatred, etc. in our lives, and we were trapped, unable to be free.  

“Who can help to deliver us? Who can help to set us free?” he asked.

He urged, “If the Son of the Heavenly Father sets you free, you will be free indeed. No matter what sin or bondage you are in today, if you come to the Father and cry for help, you will be free indeed.”  

Finally, Eric Moo sang the song "Amazing Grace", hoping that all the people that God loves can taste the wonder of His grace.

- Translated by Stephen Huang

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