Taiwan Pastor Andrew Kou Hospitalized due to Arrhythmia

 Andrew Kou,the senior pastor of the Christian House in Taipei.
Andrew Kou,the senior pastor of the Christian House in Taipei. (photo: CCD contributor: Shen Yi)
By Elsie HuAugust 11th, 2020

Recently, Pastor Andrew Kou or Kou Shaoen was admitted to the hospital for treatment of heart arrythmia. This news created concern in the hearts of Christians.

According to a release of the Taiwan Christian Daily on June 7, the senior pastor of Home of Christ Church in Taipei, Andrew Kou, felt uncomfortable while preaching on a Sunday in July. He went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor suggested that he be treated with a device that could measure his heartbeat to detect arrhythmia.

Pastor Kou was admitted to the intensive care unit, bringing concern and worry to the brothers and sisters. Preacher Lu Xuexin, the director of the spiritual department, spoke for Pastor Kou, saying that he hoped that the brothers and sisters would continue to pray for Pastor Kou, but there was no need to worry too much. Although Pastor Kou needed to be examined and then wait for a report from the doctors if he needed surgery it would only be minor.  

He also mentioned that Pastor Kou was in good health, and he stays in touch with church staff through LINE.

Pastor Lu mentioned that Pastor Kou’s physical condition was important to the entire church. At first church members were worried because he was admitted to the intensive care unit, but then he was transferred to the general ward at around 2 pm on the 6th.

Pastor Kou's wife, Zhang Qiwen, expressed her gratitude for the concern of everyone. She mentioned that Pastor Kou was in good condition and was waiting for the doctor's assessment of whether he would need to have minor surgery to implant a defibrillator to control his irregular heartbeat.

On the morning of the 7th, Pastor Kou personally sent a message to the church staff, sharing his current situation and encouraging everyone. The full text of the message was as follows:

Brothers and sisters, peace in Lord. I have been admitted to the hospital for complete examination and treatment due to recent heart arrhythmia. I trust the hospital and believe in God. Please rest assured that the Lord’s grace is sufficient. Please do not come to visit and let me rest at ease. Your intercession is what I need most, thank you! I will be back in the church soon. Let’s each find our place and experience the powerful coming of the Kingdom of God together!

The Lord's grace is overflowing!

-Translated by Abigail Wu

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