CCC&TSPM Calls for Prayers for Reconstruction After Flood in Heilongjiang

Rice fields were flooded in Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province, in early August 2023.
Rice fields were flooded in Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province, in early August 2023. (photo: Social Service Department of CCC&TSPM)
By Mark Cui August 16th, 2023

The Social Service Department of CCC&TSPM issued a letter of prayer for the reconstruction of Heilongjiang Province after the flood.

According to the Social Service Department of CCC&TSPM, extreme weather occurred in Harbin, Mudanjiang, Suihua, Qitaihe, Jixi, and other places in Heilongjiang Province due to the influence of typhoons "Doksuri" and "Khanun", and the precipitation in some towns and villages reached more than 250 mm. Qiqihar, Jiamusi, Shuangcheng, Wuchang, Yanshou, Acheng, and other places experienced serious disasters such as floods and urban waterlogging.

Wuchang City, Harbin, is a well-known high-quality rice-producing area in China. Since August 2, continuous heavy rainfall has hit several towns, and traffic, electricity, and communication in some areas have been interrupted successively. More than 40,000 people were relocated and resettled, and more than one million mu of rice were affected to varying degrees. In Minle Township, one of the best rice-producing areas in Wuchang, all the villagers were relocated, and the Guanghui Village rice on low-lying land had a total crop failure. This serious flood made the affected farmers in Wuchang extremely desperate.

According to preliminary statistics, as of August 9th, there were 374,049 people afflicted and 187,491 people resettled in emergencies. A total of 3,870,800 mu of crops were affected, and 23,708 houses were damaged. The flood also damaged 149 bridges, 352 culverts, 242,000 meters of roadbed, and 1,300 greenhouses, and the loss was about tens of billions of yuan.

It is said that the current Heilongjiang flood situation is basically stable, and the focus has shifted to disaster relief, post-disaster recovery, and reconstruction. The resettled people are in urgent need of basic living supplies, epidemic prevention, and disinfection supplies, flood control emergency reserves, and other materials.

- Translated by  Oliver Zuo

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