WeChat Platform "Christian Music Classroom" Gets Online, Publishing Singing Course

Rev. Zhu Guijin
Rev. Zhu Guijin
By Deng JiaxinDecember 23rd, 2015

To make a platform providing  music courses and communication for Christians, Shen Yongsheng, the speaker of the series course "Christians learn Piano", created the wechat public account "Christian Music Classroom" which shares the courses of piano, vocal music, guitar and violin taught by Christian famous musicians. Currently, the account has published some series of courses including "Christians Lean Piano" and "Christians Learn Singing".

The "Christian Learn Singing" courses are taught by Rev. Zhu Guijin, who graduated from East China Theological Seminary. Zhu studied vocal music from Shen Ruiliang then advanced in Shanghai Conservatory of music and learned chorus directing from Professor Ma Geshun, a famous director in China.

Similar to "Christian Learn Piano", the series courses "Christians Learn Singing" are recorded earlier. Shen Yongsheng, the founder of the platform, introduces that he and his staff have contacted some famous musicians in the churches and plan to record teaching videos of guitar, violin, gu zheng, erhu and vocal music.

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