Declining Baptisms a Result of Cult Intrusion

The believers in Xihedi Church
The believers in Xihedi Church
By Grace ZhiJuly 28th, 2017

Lingchuan County of Jincheng, Shanxi, baptized only four people on July 9, 2017. More than 30 believers attended the baptism service.

Rev. Niu Tianping, president of the Jincheng CCC&TPSM, said that the Gospel was introduced into the county when China started the reform and opening up. Guangchengli Church had 200 believers and the church in Xihedi Town had even more. Unfortunately, the local church is failing to establish good leaders, resulting in the intrusion of the Eastern Lightning and Mentuhui. A large portion of believers have joined the cults or left the church due to weakness and a lack of understanding of truth.  Now the two churches only have around 50 members each, without growth.

Three or four years ago, some young people stayed in the church in Xihedi for several days then left it with a few members following them. The church found out later that they belonged to Spirit Church or Lingling Sect, a heretical movement. They seemed pious in the church but told believers things like "your church is not godly" or "you are not saved," inciting them to leave the church.

Rev. Niu claimed that a church that wants revival and protection from cults and heresies needs good leaders to strengthen pastoral ministry and improve church management.

-Translated by Karen Luo

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