JJ Lin Writes Song “Stay with You” to Honor Frontline Medical Staff in Wuhan’s Outbreak

JJ Lin
JJ Lin
By Ruth WangFebruary 11th, 2020

Music could comfort people all around the world and give them strength. Some singers created songs to comfort souls that are helpless and hopeless because of the outbreak.

In January 2020, a famous Chinese Singaporean singer, Stefanie Sun, was told on a phone call from JJ Lin, a Singaporean Christian Singer, that he would like to write a song to honor all the medical staff fighting on the frontline of Wuhan's coronavirus epidemic. The song, "Stay with You", delivered warmth to hearts of the medical staff.

The MV (music video) was edited by JJ Lin; he placed a rear-view of himself on the cover, along with photos of praying dancers' taken against the backstage of the Wuhan Sanctuary 1.0 concert. Also, he put in a rainbow picture taken at the Xiangyang Sanctuary 2.0 concert, an expression of his wish that the people of Hubei Province could soon meet the rainbow after the storm of the outbreak.

- Translated by Sophia Chen

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