Guangdong's Largest Church Opens to Public

Tianhe Church
Tianhe Church
By Yi YangJanuary 17th, 2017

On Jan 14, 2017, Guangdong's largest church, Tianhe Church of Guangzhou, has been opened after a decade's construction.

As the first church co-constructed by the churches in Guangzhou since the foundation of new China, the by-far-largest church covers an area of 8830m2. The construction cost 110 million yuan, more than 90% of which come from the donations of believers from the city's churches.

With a construction area of 9907 m2, the multi-functional church has a main sanctuary, a side chapel, a bell tower, a comprehensive building and an annex.

On the dedication ceremony, speeches were given by Elder Fu Xianwei, chairman of TSPM, Rev. Liang Ming, chairman of Guangdong TSPM and Bishop Gan Junqiu, chairman of Guangzhou Patriotic Catholic Association. Wang Maozhou, Department Director of Ethnic & Religious Affairs of Guangzhou states that combined with traditional Chinese culture and modern feature, it's going to be a landmark of Christianity and the model of the church in Guangzhou.

Later, the high-ranking pastors and officials put their hands on a ball, symbolizing that the church is put into use.

Pastor of Tianhe Church, Yang Yongchun, once told CCD that the establishment of the church has a remarkable religious and social significance. It is beneficial to preaching the Gospel, training and nurturing members and enhancing their integral quality. From the view of social culture, it can be a standard of religious buildings to promote the harmonious social development.

Translated By: Karen Luo

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