Mom's Resilient Shoulders Amidst Illnesses Affecting Family Members

A mother holds her child's hand while walking in the field.
A mother holds her child's hand while walking in the field. (photo:
By Wen ChengJanuary 26th, 2024

There goes a story that when a child is about to come from heaven to earth, he is filled with fear and hesitation. God comforts him, saying, "Don't worry, I will send an angel to accompany you and protect you." The child asks, "But I don't know that angel." God says, "She has a name, Mom!"

A few days ago, I met an angelic mother. I was accompanying a Christian lady with the last name Niu to visit her younger sister. In the hospital room, there was an elderly woman of modest stature with a straight posture and a calm demeanor. Niu placed her hand on the old woman's shoulder, proudly saying, "This is my mother."

Niu explained that her mother, who raised four daughters, after many years of marriage, converted to Christianity owing to her husband. Initially, the husband worked in the city, while she worked alone in the countryside, shouldering the family’s burden. As the children grew older, they moved to the city. After retirement, the once robust husband suddenly fell ill and was diagnosed with cancer. She prayed night after night, "The Lord is my strength and my defense!" The eldest daughter, who came to care for the father, felt unwell. Upon examination, she was also diagnosed with cancer, requiring immediate surgery.

To protect her husband and daughter, she eventually collapsed, falling into the arms of Jesus, who strengthened and supported her.

Later, the husband returned home for further treatment. Not long after, the eldest daughter returned home to recuperate and undergo regular chemotherapy. However, it was not convenient for the eldest daughter to travel, as she had married into a rural family. The mother persuaded her son-in-law to bring the daughter to her home. There were two cancer patients, the husband lying in the east wing and the daughter in the west wing. By preparing delicious and nutritious meals, she made her husband happy and gave her daughter confidence. She never sighed and never shed a tear. On the contrary, she comforted them, saying, "I am so blessed to take care of two children for Jesus."

Under her meticulous care, her husband peacefully departed, returning to his heavenly home. The eldest daughter miraculously recovered, becoming a pastor.

Who would have thought that ten years later, tragedy struck the second daughter, who suddenly suffered a cerebral hemorrhage? Though her life was saved through timely rescue, even after two months, she was unable to care for herself. Family members took turns caring for her, and the mother brought daily prepared meals from her home. Concerned about troubling her, they asked her not to cook, but she insisted, "The food I make suits her taste better." Worried about her getting tired, they tried to dissuade her from coming, but she said, "I can't rest easy at home; it's better to be here." 

The second daughter still cannot speak, and she struggles to recognize people. However, upon her mother’s coming, her eyes light up, and her face is filled with contentment.

The mother is a special person who has led all four daughters into the presence of God to serve Him. She is also a special person, guarding the home and being the most direct savior to her family.

(The article was originally published by the Gospel Times and the author is a pastor in Shandong Province.)

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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