Symposium on Traditional Chinese Culture, Sinicization of Christianity Conducted in Hong Kong

The symposium on traditional Chinese culture and sinicization of Christianity is being held in Hong Kong from March 19 to 20, 2024.
The symposium on traditional Chinese culture and sinicization of Christianity is being held in Hong Kong from March 19 to 20, 2024.
By Anthony LeeMarch 20th, 2024

A symposium on traditional Chinese culture and sinicization of Christianity kicked off in Hong Kong.

Pastors and scholars of religious studies from mainland China, Hong Kong, and other countries speak at the conference organized by the China Religious Magazine and the Christian Cultural Society from March 19 to 20. 

At the opening ceremony, Pastor David Lee Chi-kwong, president of the Christian Cultural Society, presided over it and gave a speech, with a prayer from retired Anglican Reverend Chan Hin Cheung and blessings from Archbishop Rev. Andrew Chan of the Anglican Church of Hong Kong.

In the first of the eight sessions, Archbishop Andrew Chan delivered a speech titled "The Significance of the Study of Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture and Sinicization of Christianity." Reverend Chan Hin Cheung presented one titled "The Brief Echo of Eternity: Understanding Life and Christian Faith from the Poetry of Li Bai, Du Fu, and Su Shi." Rev. Dr. Jason Hing Kau Yeung, professor of theology and director of the Pastoral Studies Doctoral Program at the Canadian Chinese School of Theology at Tyndale Seminary, discussed the evolution of the concept of God in Chinese culture.

Other topics on the agenda for the first day included perspectives on the sinicization of Christianity from a Hong Kong pastor, the sinicization of Christian education, the indigenization of devotional music, and an overview of the publication of books on the sinicization of Christianity by the Religious Culture Publishing House.

Today, participants will explore Confucian ritual thought and the cross-cultural construction of Chinese Christian liturgical theology, the journey of the Young Men Christian Association in localization, the sinicization of church architecture, the sinicization of Christian fine arts in modern times, and the comparison between the Benedictine Rule and the way of life in Chinese culture, according to the agenda. 

Retired Professor Chow Kai Wing from the Department of History at the University of Hong Kong will deliver a speech titled "Reverend Canon Ho Shai Ming and St. Paul's Church in Hong Kong—On His Social Thought and the Integration of Chinese Christianity."

Scholars from mainland China include Director You Bin of the Institute of Religious Studies at Minzu University of China, President Zhuo Xinping of the Chinese Religious Society, Deputy Director Tang Xiaofeng of the Institute of Religious Studies at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Directore Fan Lizhu of Fudan University's School of Social Development and Public Policy, and Vice President and Professor Yang Huilin of the School of Arts at Renmin University of China.

Reverend Chan Hin Cheung will lead in prayer and blessings during the closing ceremony on March 20, which will also feature Liu Jingguang, the president of the Magazine China Religion.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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