Churches in Zhejiang Make Efforts to Social Services, Winning Witnesses to Christ

Hangzhou Christian Council Agape Hospital
Hangzhou Christian Council Agape Hospital (photo: GospelTimes)
By Zhen LiApril 26th, 2016

Churches in Zhejiang are paying close attention to social services. As a report went from CCC on April 15, Christians in Zhejiang are running 101 nursing homes, conferred at the fourth meeting of the current social service committee of Zhejiang CCCTSPM. 

The director of Zhejiang Light & Salt Agape Foundation, Presbyter Zhang Dapeng, said that there are 101 nursing homes all over Zhejiang province by the end of December, 2015. Forty-three of these have been registered at the civil affairs department, and 9305 beds can be available. There are 6263 people now.

So far, the national CCCTSPM has conducted aged caring training course for 8 times, and 6 of them were held in Zhejiang. The latest one was organized at Shangyu. In a speech, Zhang Dapeng encouraged the Christians to win witnesses to Christ in action. And Christians are not to lift high the cross, but to lift high Jesus on the cross, serving society with the love of God. Honor your father and mother—this is the first commandment with a promise in the Bible. It is more than just a slogan. We should show it in action.

Zhejiang Light & Salt Agape Foundation is a charitable organization founded in accordance with the biblical teaching of helping those who are in need, glorifying God and benefiting the people. The foundation's mission is to unite Christian believers to participate in the building up of a harmonious society, to serve people and communities, and to practice the biblical teaching- "It is more blessed to give than to receive." 

Translated by: Mu Yi

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