Xiamen CCCTSPM Visits Primary School

The staff visits the students
The staff visits the students (photo: Xiamen CCC&TSPM)
By Grace ZhiJune 23rd, 2016

Rev. Fang Wenliang and Rev. Wu Ruizhang of Xiamen CCC&TSPM led the staff to visit Shuguang Primary School on the afternoon of June 17, bringing 930 packs of items including daily necessities like milk, biscuits and stationaries.

The community-run school operates poorly with terrible basic facilities and most of the students there come from workers' families.

The local Christian organization extended their greetings to the school staff, wishing the children to grow up healthy and live happily.

It was said that this event marks as the third time for the institute to visit the school of migrant working families' children with Christ's love. 

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