Hunan Megachurch Holding Series of Pre-Marriage Courses

Chengbei Church in Changsha, Hunan
Chengbei Church in Changsha, Hunan
By Nakaoka ZhangSeptember 26th, 2022

To help believers establish a correct view of marriage and love, a megachurch in central China's Hunan Province holds a series of lectures on relationships and marriage.

Chengbei Church in Changsha, Hunan, released a notice last Friday, saying courses themed “Calling for True Love” would be conducted to help its members prepare for their marriages.

The lectures focus on six topics, such as the meaning of marriage, learning the differences between the sexes to live in harmony, improving emotional intelligence to understand each other, learning how to express themselves to avoid embarrassing each other, not letting your love be limited by the family of origin, and learning to determine if she or he was the other half.

In the form of games, leaders’ sharing, onsite demonstration, group discussion, and interactive experience study, the lectures are hosted on five Friday evenings in September, October, and November, building a platform to connect with others and create friendships.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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