Xi'an YMCA Conducts Charity Events for Children, Poverty Alleviation on Tencent's 99 Giving Day

A group photo of the migrant workers' children supported by the Xi'an YMCA
A group photo of the migrant workers' children supported by the Xi'an YMCA
By Thomas ZhangSeptember 4th, 2023

The Xi’an YMCA initiated three public welfare endeavors to support children and poverty during Tencent's 99 Giving Day on September 1, 2023.

Among the initiatives, one was dedicated to serving community kids whose parents are mainly migrant workers, with the hope of enriching their post-school hours and strengthening their social skills to boost whole-person development during their childhood. This is achieved through different events, such as interest classes, homework assistance, themed activities, and specialized social work groups.

The other project was targeted at the rural children of Ancun Town Central School in Lantian County. Aiming to help the rural kids learn and master safety knowledge from different aspects and raise their self-protection awareness, the association rolled out a full-aspect educational program including games, reading illustrated books, and scenic performances. Therefore, a greater understanding of holistic education among children, schools, and families can be fostered, alleviating the boundaries of traditional culture and thoughts set on children. Meanwhile, the program was advocated to strengthen supporting functions among homes, schools, and the community, advancing the construction of a children-friendly community.

Furthermore, the Xi'an YMCA also visited, accompanied, and distributed living supplies to the impoverished, the disabled, and the families of the sacrificed soldiers, offering them both emotional and fundamental living support.

- Translated by Poppy Chan

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