Story: Reception Work Is Important for Church to Save Souls

A picture of the church interior
A picture of the church interior (photo: Getty Images)
By Josiah LiSeptember 13th, 2023

"Knock, knock..." A gray-haired pastor stood at the church door and knocked, but no one answered. After a long time, someone told her that the church had no activities that day. She had to leave in disappointment.

It turned out that it was a pastor from North China who went to a southern city and wanted to go to church after the business, but she did not get it. The pastor has kept it a habit for many years that she would go to a local church to pray for a while and make some contributions whenever she went to other cities.

Ascribe to the setback, the old pastor told the on-duty staff workers again to take the tourists from other places seriouly. This is because there are Christians who want to "go home" and seekers who are "looking for home".

What the old pastor experienced is not an isolated case. I believe many believers have experienced or heard of similar things.

As the church cannot preach the gospel in public places other than churches and gathering sites, it is even more important to cherish the religious investigators who came to the church on their own initiative. The church reception work is very important, for a warm reception may save a soul.

When I visited a Catholic church, which is also a famous local scenic spot, I found that it was really good at receiving tourists.

When I came to this century-old church, I found many tourists taking pictures of it or with it. I walked towards the church door with doubts about whether I could have a visit.

I saw a roll-screen poster of “Instructions for Visiting the Church”, which read "What a Lovely Palace You Have, Lord Almighty," and "Dear Visitors, Welcome to *** Church. The Lord Jesus said, Come and have a look! You are all my guests, so I am very happy to serve you... " The following are some precautions to remind people not to make noise, laugh, or lie down in the church chairs. There is also a QR code attached to the poster to help tourists learn more about Catholicism.

In the church, some people were looking at the church history, and some were looking at the interior decoration. Many people kept shooting with their mobile phones and cameras. There were several stacks of gospel brochures on the small showcase, each with more than 20 pages. Next to the brochures, there was an eye-catching prompt: "Help yourself to read it".

When we were sightseeing, the voice of prayer suddenly sounded in the church. There were a few people at first, and then a few more joined. It was not a regular church gathering but a spontaneous prayer meeting by believers. The prayers attracted the attention of tourists and made them quieter.

Out of the church, there was a poster at the entrance of an affiliated building that listed four teaching schedules for the catechumens.

Although most Protestant churches are not as magnificent and spectacular as Catholic churches, some of them have a history of more than 100 years and are cultural relics. Some churches are located near commercial streets and scenic spots, which can attract many tourists. Some set up photo-taking points for tourists, while others open toilets for tourists and provide them with places for tea and rest...

- Translated by Oliver Zuo

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