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Shanxi Local Church Fellowship Show filial piety to the Elderly

Shanxi Local Church Fellowship Show filial piety to the Elderly

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ByIssarchar Li October 16, 2015
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As the Double Ninth Festival (Or Chongyang Festival, Seniors' Day) is coming, churches across China hold various activities to show filial piety to the elderly. On Oct. 10th, the physically Challenged Fellowship of Shanxi Linfen Church went to a local nursing home and did voluntary work there.

The volunteers from the fellowship arrived at Xinhe Nursing Home of Yaodu District in the morning of Oct. 10th, where they offered hair cut service to the aged, brought the aged fruits and cakes as presents and had lunch with them. Since it was founded by a Christian couple (Mr. & Mrs. Liu) over ten years ago, inspired by the love of Jesus Christ, LinFen Church has visited the aged at this nursing home many times and what they have done is highly praised by both the aged and their families.

The nursing home was clean and neat on that day. Walls were decorated with Christian slogans and Biblical verses such as "Love Warms the Aged", "The Truth of Love" and "God Loves the World". The whole place was filled with the sound of hymn-singing.

Xinhe Nursing home is also often visited by volunteers from local universities. By now, over 100 university students have come there and brought much happiness to the aged through their artistic performances.

Translated By: Jesimin He

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