Kunming Beichen Church Dedicated at Its 10th Anniv. of Founding

Beichen Church
1/2Beichen Church
The chapel inside
2/2The chapel inside
By Yi YangAugust 22nd, 2016

Kunminng Beichen Church, a campus of Kunming Trinity International Church, was dedicated on August 20 which was the church's 10th founding anniversary. The provincial CCC&TSPM president and chairman, ots officials, the church staff from the International Church and co-workers from the local ethnic minority churches witnessed the event.

To celebrate the completion of the church, the church held three services with the attendance of around 7000. The ceremony including choruses presented by a choir of Miao people, an English choir and others. There was also a violin performance and a dance from the Sunday school teachers.

The church developed from a gathering of dozens of believers founded on July 13, 2006. The original gathering held its first Sunday service on August 20, 2006 with more than 800 believers from the various local churches in attendance. Currently, it has grown into a church where over 1,000 people attend its services. One year later, the gathering received a land of at least 10 mu allocated by the local authority for their use and started the construction for a new church. 

The foundation stone laying ceremony of the church was held on May 16, 2014 and they began to build the new church building in February 2015. 

The new church has a main chapel and a side chapel that can accommodate 2500 to 3000 believers, with the total construction area of 12,000 square meters. It also has a bell tower.

Rev. Jing Jiuwei, the senior pastor, claimed that the completion of the church greatly eased up the church shortage in Kunming and it would play an active role in serving society and become a base of the sinicization of Christianity, as well as to promote theological thought construction. 


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