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Beijing Haidan Church Shares Message of Wisdom in English Service

Beijing Haidan Church Shares Message of Wisdom in English Service

Cathy shares wisdom in the English Sunday service Cathy shares wisdom in the English Sunday service (Haidian Church )
ByKaren Luo September 13, 2016
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On September 12, 2016, the preacher Cathy shared the message of "wisdom from above" in the English service of Haidian Church, Beijing, citing James 3:13-18.

First of all, she shares that she sought wisdom from books, other religions and philosophy in her youth and even added the word "wise" that reminded her to live wisely into her email address. The Chinese characters of "wisdom" signify that wisdom refers to the strategy in talking and brooming the dust out of your heart.

James 1:5 says that if you lack wisdom, ask God, who is the source of wisdom, strongly in faith. 

The topic sentence for wisdom lies in James 3:13 where James said that a wise man should show his good life that should show good conduct in the way of humility, a good character. 

Then she mentions that James gave a negative example that showed worldly wisdom that had brought envy and selfish ambitions, bringing disorder. She cited that recently, a rumor in Shanghai said that people wait in long queues to get divorced in the name of true love for the right to buy houses, who pretend to be divorced but satisfy their selfish ambitions. Regarding envy, she didn't realize it until she met a smarter colleague who made her feel jealous. 

The preacher continued to talk about a good example --- wisdom from above in verse 17-18. The kind of wisdom has seven qualities: pure, peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere.

She illustrates these in detail such as pure: considered as the foundation of wisdom, refers to being free from any jealousy or ambition in the starting point and peace-loving means seeking peace, unity and harmony in relationships.

In her eyes, three should be highlighted among the seven qualities: humility, meekness and submissiveness which are the essential wisdom from above as  shown by Mother Teresa. 

As a summary, Cathy claims that from the start point, wisdom from above is selfless while the one on earth is self-centered, or selfish. She emphasizes again that the resource of wisdom is God, who can only lead us to live with wisdom, and we can ask Him for it with faith. 

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