New Book on Protestant Missions Development in China Published

The book cover of Chronicle of Protestant Missions Development in China (1807-1949)
The book cover of Chronicle of Protestant Missions Development in China (1807-1949)
By CCD contributor: Paul Wu October 24th, 2017

2017 marks the 210th anniversary of the Protestant Mission in China. However, China has few books talking about missionaries and churches in modern China from a macroscopic perspective.

The new book, Chronicle of Protestant Missions Development in China (1807-1949), written by Huang Guangyu, a famous Chinese historian, filling the vacancy in Christianity research.

The book presents the history of Christianity in China from 1807 when Robert Morrison came to China to the founding of New China in chronological order. About 19,000 people and institutions related to Christianity in China are involved. The content book has five sections: about 200 missionary societies from foreign countries to China; around ten thousand missionaries in China; church-run hospitals, schools, charitable organizations, newspapers and magazines, and sociocultural groups; missionary cases; other material.

Born in October 1938, Huang is an authority in modern Chinese history and collects historical sources on Christianity in modern China. He earned a bachelor of history from Minzu University of China in 1963 and became a graduate student at the Institute of Modern History CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) in the same year. He started work as a researcher after graduation in 1966.

His works include Thesaurus of the Names of Foreign People in Modern China, Aggregation of the Protestant Missions in Modern China, and The Universal Dictionary of Foreign Business in Modern China.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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