G.E.M. Sets to Release Her First Spanish Album 'Revelación'

A poster of the announcement in Spanish for G.E.M.'s new album
A poster of the announcement in Spanish for G.E.M.'s new album (photo: G.E.M.)
By Esther TianJune 19th, 2023

Christian artist Gloria Tang Tsz-Kei, renowned as G.E.M., announced to her fans through social media on the evening of June 15th that her first Spanish album, Revelación is scheduled for release on July 10th.

G.E.M. remains the sole creator of all lyrics, music, and vocals in the 14 songs featured on the whole album. Despite her unfamiliarity with the language before this project, G.E.M. managed to create and release an album entirely in Spanish within six months.

Regarding the Spanish album, G.E.M. recalls a prophecy someone made to her a decade ago, predicting that she would sing in this language one day. After releasing her Chinese album, Revelation last year, she received unexpected support from South America. In the following months, she even noticed fans covering her song "Gloria" in Spanish. This inspired G.E.M. to conceive of learning Spanish for her devoted followers.

G.E.M. began by watching videos to learn the pronunciation rules of Spanish. She discovered that learning Spanish was more accessible than she had imagined during the learning process. This reminded her of the prophecy from ten years ago. A few days later, while praying, she experienced a strong urge and started writing Spanish lyrics with the help of a translator and a dictionary.

After seven hours of focused work, her inaugural Spanish song, "Gloria," was born. Over the next seven weeks, she completed Spanish versions of all 14 songs. Within five months, she finished recording the full-length Spanish album. Due to a fresh take on her album in a new language, G.E.M. had to practice dozens of times more than usual.

Netizens' comments were as follows:

"Music knows no boundaries, and love never fails! G.E.M.'s mission is to spread 'love' to every corner of the world. What a great musician! What a great artist! May you be filled with love!"

"I always thought that if the Chinese 'Revelation' could be sung in another language, the effect would be even more impactful than in Mandarin because the album contains concepts of the future and religion. And Spanish is known as God's language, and its Latin language family is also the starting language of the entire Western European religion. So, Spanish will give this album a more complete presentation. Songs like "Gloria, 'Passion', 'Old Man & Sea', 'The End of Night', ‘Man Who Laughs,' 'HELL,' 'Young Man & Sea,' and others are all extremely suitable for Spanish adaptations. Just thinking about it excites me, and I even feel it will give the album multiplied energy."

- Translated by Poppy Chan

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