Catholic Celebrity Dicky Cheung Joins in Recording of CCTV Cultural Program

A poster of celebrity Dicky Cheung (right) participating in the recording of CCTV cultural program named "Poetry and Painting China"
A poster of celebrity Dicky Cheung (right) participating in the recording of CCTV cultural program named "Poetry and Painting China" (photo: Dicky Cheung)
By Esther TianNovember 30th, 2022

In the large-scale cultural program called "Poetry and Painting China" and produced by CCTV, Hong Kong celebrity Dicky Cheung participated in recording "The Book of Songs · National Style · Tang Style”. It was later broadcast on November 20.

Dicky Cheung also shared on Weibo why he chose the theme of "The Book of Songs". He explained, "The ‘Book of Songs’ is the beginning of ancient Chinese poetry, and it is also an important theme for poetry and painting in China."

Cheung chose "Tang Style" because he was impressed by the painting "Tang Style", which had been created by Ma Hezhi during the Southern Song dynasty. It is not just a painting or a scene, for it is a scroll extending over more than eight meters. Twelve scenes and famous objects from the Book of Songs are illustrated there. “‘The Book of Songs can be understood more vividly when the flowers, birds, and insects in the poems are depicted in pictures,” he insisted. “I hope that today more and more people will be interested in learning about the Book of Songs through music."

Dicky Cheung, a Catholic celebrity, bears witness to his Heavenly Father publicly. He once confessed, "Everything I have today - my career, my home, my family's health, my wealth, my friends – it all was given to me by God."

During an interview about his ministry and evangelism, Cheung explained: "I expressed a wish to God when I participated in the New Talent Singing Contest for the second time. I promised that if I won, I would build a church for Him. Sadly, this wish was never realized, and I was also surprised to discover how difficult it is for a young man to actually construct a church."

"Later on, I acted in ‘Live Forever’ and was inspired by the faith of Saint Francis of Assisi, who claimed that every place in the world is a sanctuary of God. Even though I could not build a real church, I can build a church in people's hearts through my plays, lyrics, conversations, and actions. I have passion for this mission and want to do more work to spread the Gospel and serve the Lord."

Cheung appeared in a film called Pursue the Light! earlier this year. His excellent performance won him the "Strongest Chaser of Light" title. All who saw his efforts and performance agreed that Dicky Cheung deserved the title. Dicky Cheung takes every performance seriously and is willing to learn humbly from the younger generation. He strives to impress the audience in every performance. In addition, Cheung's humorous personality often adds cheer to the scene. People see this as a "light" in their lives. In an interview afterward, Dicky Cheung also referred constantly to love.

Over the years, Cheung has not only used the cultural field to spread the theme of love but also through "living by faith". He insists on praying before meals and making the sign of the cross when filming, when eating box meals, when going to five-star hotels, airplane meals, etc. Whenever he signs autographs for fans, he adds the words: "God bless you". He also explains to unbelievers what the expression means. Cheung believes this can be a quiet blessing.

There is a custom within the entertainment industry in Hong Kong to hold a worship ceremony before shooting a drama or performing a concert. This is intended to guarantee the project's success. But instead of joining in such worship ceremonies, Cheung always stands alongside and prays by himself. "I must persist in my faith through my actions and habits,” he explained, “showing people that I am indeed a Catholic."

- Translated by Richard Zou

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