Jeremy Lin Thanks His Mother for Supporting Him

Jeremy Lin with his mother and brother
Jeremy Lin with his mother and brother (photo: Jeremy Lin)
By Christian LauMay 17th, 2021

Christian basketball player Jeremy Lin expressed gratitude for his mother’s support.

On May 10, the NBA free agent said his mother was a devout soldier who did her best to support and love him.

The 32-year-old posted on China’s Twitter, Weibo: “Mama, Happy Mother's Day!! I have learned a bit every year: how I took your love for granted. This year I begin to realize you have been such a devout soldier behind me. You give me moral support with everything you do, especially your godliness in prayers and fasting. You always instill faith and strength into my life. You have seen many things in my life far before they become the realities. Love you, mama. Wish all the mothers a happy holiday!”

A fan commented, “We are always children beside our mothers. When we have our mothers, we have immeasurable strength and warmth! Love mama as every day is Mother’s Day!”

- Translated by Karen Luo


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