Tuesday, July 16th, 2024
Article by:CCD contributor: Zhang Yahuang

Devotional Series from Acts: Be Faithful to Speak Truth

Paul was faithful in preaching the truth, and didn’t preach selectively nor speak a variance of the teaching. Because of his loyalty to the truth, he could preach truth bravely without evading its true message or giving the slightest compromise.

Devotional Series from Acts: Comfort for Evangelists

Paul concentrated on preaching the gospel to the Jews, thinking that more people would know Jesus Christ and repent and accept the gospel. It turned out to be different from what he expected because what he faced was resistance and slander.The Lord Jesus appeared to Paul in the night vision, encouraged him, and guided Paul's evangelism direction.

Devotional Series from Acts: Unity in Truth

The teaching of the believers from Judea was against the truth of the gospel, Paul and Barnabas rejected this kind of teaching, did not compromise with them in the slightest, or did not unite with them.

Devotional Series from Acts: Steer Clear of Jealousy

The Jews were jealous of Paul, so they slander Paul.Jealousy itself is a sin in the Bible, and it is from pride which is the source of many sins. And jealousy is not so simple as a single sin, it will produce a series of sins,such as defamation, dispute, disunity,and even the split in the church.As a Christian, you must not be jealous of others, but should learn to appreciate, affirm and encourage others, you can ask God to remove the old self, and constantly shape your life and make you life more like Christ.

Devotional Series from Acts: The Church Needs Vision of Kingdom of God

Whether it was the Antioch Church or Barnabas and Paul, they all had the vision of the kingdom of God so they were willing to obey God ’s leadership. Therefore, the church should have a broad mind and the vision of the kingdom of God. Wherever God's ministry is, if God calls, he should obey and go out of the comfort zone .Go to the place where God directs with unknown challenges and ministry,and the God of immanual must also be with us.

Devotional Series from Acts: The Church Needs Spiritual Mentors

Today's church not only needs people like Paul with gifts but also need people like Barnabas who are willing to help others. In some ways, people like Barnabas are even more needed. Looking forward there will be more leaders like Barnabas with broad minds in the church.

Devotional Series From Acts : Please Keep Your Faith

Although these people were praying urgently for Peter at this time, when the maid Luo told the people about Peter was outside the door, everyone was unbelievable. Afterwards, under the vigorous explanation of the maid, the people still didn't believe. They thought that Peter had been martyred, and said that it must be Peter's angel.
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