Wednesday, April 24th, 2024
Article by:Phoebe Sun

Joyful Songs and Dances to Celebrate Christmas

"The King of Peace came into the world humbly... The baby is a majestic king. Jesus was born to bring love and hope.” The party kicked off with several chants of thanksgiving for Christmas under the direction of the worship team in a church.

Pastor Proposes Male Church Leadership

Pastor Z mentioned that, due to practical considerations, female Christians might have disadvantages in terms of energy and time compared to male ones in serving. If conditions allowed, the church still encouraged men to take on service roles.

Rev. Stephen Tong Preached to 76,000 People in Indonesia in August

In recent years, Rev. Stephen Tong, a Chinese Indonesian Reformed pastor in his eighties, has continued to travel around Indonesia to preach. In just the past August, Pastor Tong's evangelical events in three cities in Indonesia attracted a total of 76,000 people in attendance.
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