Testimony: Sister 2.62 Feet Tall Serves the Lord for 17 Years

Sister Sun Lihua
Sister Sun Lihua (photo: CCD Contributor: Lydia )
By CCD Contributor: LydiaJuly 18th, 2016

Sister Sun Lihua was born with osteogenesis imperfecta which caused unusual fractures in her growth. Her parents didn't abandon her because of the disease and cared her carefully. She never went to school due to her family's financial state and her parents were very busy with work to sustain their needs. 

Standing only 2.62 feet tall with less than 77 pounds, she suffered from discrimination along the way and was blind to the value of her life. She even thought of suicide, regarding herself as a burden to the family. 

But, Christianity changed her life. In 1991, her cousin evangelized to her, telling her that those who believe Jesus would have eternity and peace in the world. At the time, she doubted the existence of God for why she was like that. 

One day, a church sister shared her the testimony of going to heaven and hell after experiencing death, then she wanted to believe and see whether there is a God or not. She began to learn how to read and go to church.

She said that God affirmed her faith in the existence of God when her family said a word that made her pretty sad after the first time she went to church. She cried alone at night while asking God to not let her become upset just for a word or of others' eye expressions because she had suffered from this kind of thing a lot of times since she was young. It was at that night when God took her sadness away immediately. She has been firmly under the belief that there is God since then.

She kept reading the Bible and prayer, bathing in God's love, not caring about the strange eyes or inquisitiveness of others. At the same time, she was eager to do something for God. But what could she do with her disability?

Sun was given a chance in a church training program she attended. There were a number of children running in the church yard, which was unsafe and affecting the gathering. Another sister summoned them and cared for them. While the sister was absent there the day Sun went, the pastor appointed her to look after them.

Wondering whether she could do this, she was brought into a room where three or four children stayed. The pastor introduced her to them, saying that she would care for them and she was older than them. The children welcomed her with warmth, which moved her; meanwhile, the pastor was praying for her silently. She was happy with them. She has served the children for about 17 years since then.

Moreover, she joined in a mission team and has been to many places, which seems impossible for her in the past.

Now, she works as a customer service representative at Taobao, a Chinese website for online shopping, to support herself. She knows many disabled people through an online platform and shares her experience and the gospel with them.

She thanks God who changed her life, given her confidence instead of the sense of inferiority. She wants to be the blessing for others and introduce Jesus to more people, bringing them joy.  

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