Places of Worship Will be Reopened in Order, Says National Religious Groups

Beijing Haidian Church
Beijing Haidian Church
By Grace ZhiJune 2nd, 2020

Religious places of worship would be re-opened, beginning in locations with a low risk of infection, said leaders of national religious groups in a joint meeting held on May 30, 2020.

The thirteenth meeting concluded that the venues for religious activities in areas with a low risk of COVID-19 could resume services at set times and with restrictions on the numbers of participants. Meanwhile, large-scale religious activities would continue to be strictly controlled. 

Concerning when religious schools would be reopened, the meeting proposed that “local religious colleges should be reopened in accordance with arrangement by education departments.”

The meeting emphasized the importance of continued efforts to forestall imported infections, prevent domestic resurgence and avoid cluster infections. 

Public health requirement should be followed in all offices, schools, and spaces. 

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