Word4Asia Consulting International Revisits China

An eight-person delegation from Word4Asia Consulting International visited Shanghai CC&TSPM in Shanghai on March 18, 2024.
An eight-person delegation from Word4Asia Consulting International visited Shanghai CC&TSPM in Shanghai on March 18, 2024. (photo: Shnaghai CC&TSPM)
By John ZhangMarch 25th, 2024

Dr. Gene Wood, founder and president of Word4Asia Consulting International, led the delegation to visit CCC&TSPM and Shanghai CC&TSPM after the last year's trip

At the station of Shanghai CC&TSPM, the delegation watched a video introducing the development of Christianity in Shanghai on March 18, learning about the six ministries conducted by Shanghai CC&TSPM, reported the municipal CC&TSPM.

Dr. Gene Wood expressed admiration for the development of the churches in Shanghai. He said, "Seeing the unity in your ministry's development, I am reminded of a saying by Bishop K. H. Ting, 'The Bible unites us.' I sincerely hope that the Bible can help build a bridge of friendship between the people of China and the United States." 

Wood stated that his organization responds to the exchange principle advocated by the late Dr. Han Wenzao, former president of the China Christian Council (CCC), that "it is hoped that American Evangelical churches can exchange with Chinese churches openly and transparently." The agency has been organizing church groups and individuals from the United States to Chinese churches for years, becoming an ambassador to deepen the friendship between Christians in China and the United States.

The delegation of eight people visited Grace Church in Jing'an District after attending the Sunday service at Community Church in Xuhui District during their stay in Shanghai, where Senior Pastor Yu Guangzhi had welcomed them.

The next day, they visited CCC&TSPM, listening to the introduction to last year's leadership change of CCC&TSPM and the organizational structure of the Chinese churches given by Rev. Lin Manhong, vice president and general secretary of CCC&TSPM.

Dr. Wood said that he had visited Chinese churches multiple times since the late 1990s and that he respected the three-self principles (self-governance, self-support, and self-propagation), hoping to learn more about China through these visits. During the meeting, both sides also exchanged views on the sinicization of Christianity, Bible publishing, and social services.

On March 22, Dr. Wood and his delegation visited Nanjing Union Theological Seminary in Jiangsu to have friendly exchanges on the sinicization of Christianity, theological education, and pastoral care with the faculty and students.

Word4Asia Consulting International focuses on helping American Evangelical churches understand the policies and regulations of mainland China, providing leadership skills training, communication skills training, and other consulting services to academia, government departments, and community groups.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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