Christian Singer G.E.M. Releases 2024 First Piece 'Amazing Grace'

A poster of Christian singer G.E.M.'s new work, “Amazing Grace”
A poster of Christian singer G.E.M.'s new work, “Amazing Grace”
By Serena TseMarch 18th, 2024

Christian artist Gloria Tang Tsz-Kei, also known as G.E.M., released her first single of the year, "Amazing Grace," in early March, hoping that everyone who hears it will be "filled with love and grace every day."

Upon the publication of the new piece, numerous fans and netizens expressed their appreciation, noting that it offered a sense of hope. Some of their remarks included: “Bringing new hope to broken souls.”; "She hopes to bring new life to dusty stories and bring new hope to broken souls."; "Songs full of hope and power will always be a ray of light that shines in the darkness, hoping to bring new life to dusty stories."; "A cleanse to the soul, a guide to find the light in the darkness and regain the beauty of life.”

G.E.M. performed the song "Amazing Grace" at the football exhibition match between Miami International Football Club and the Hong Kong team on February 4 as a guest at the Tatler XFEST event, which aroused cheers from the audience. This football game caused an uproar over the absence of Argentine football icon Lionel Messi, leaving various fans at the scene frustrated. Tang's arrival, however, brought order to the tumultuous scene.

Netizens later applauded G.E.M.'s performance that day, saying, "Thank you for your performance, which must have saved fans who were in pain, not to mention turning ‘boos’ into applause on the court that day!"

The Christian singer herself also posted, "I felt God's supernatural peace and joy! Hallelujah!" with the tag "Jesus Is The Only Way."

- Translated by Poppy Chan

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