Liaoning Launches Registration, Training for Internet Religious Information Service License

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By Wu ZhongyiJuly 25th, 2022

Religious groups can attend the training beginning July 18 for the Internet Religious Information Service License which they will obtain after the exam, the Liaoning Provincial Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee announced.

The announcement said that in order to obtain the license, religious bodies should have people to censor online religious information who are familiar with national religious policies and regulations and relevant religious knowledge and that the training and assessment work is being carried out on the Internet.

It mentioned that online training courses cover the history of world religions, and the basic knowledge of Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Catholicism, and Islam, totaling 12 courses.

After completing 40 hours of online video courses, the candidates can attend the virtual formal exam after passing three online simulated assessments. After passing the formal assessment, they will be certified as auditors. The assessment is generally divided into three parts: laws and regulations related to religious affairs, religious knowledge and policies, and other related knowledge.

The announcement also stated that the training, assessment, and certification are not for individuals.

At present, churches in Liaoning Province that need to apply for the license have responded to the announcement.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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