Female Christian Takes Care of Me in Depression

Two hands contacting through the light of love.
Two hands contacting through the light of love. (photo: Pixabay.com)
By Zhang AihuiOctober 6th, 2023

Earlier this year, when I contracted the novel coronavirus and experienced a relapse of depression, I found myself in desperate need with no help in sight, and God sent Sister K to support me in my time of crisis. For the past five years, she has been a great companion, demonstrating steadfast love.

I recall that at the beginning of January this year, when the novel coronavirus spread across the nation, many people and families were affected. Some of my close friends and relatives even passed away due to the illness.

I returned to my hometown in Chongqing last October to take care of my relatives and got infected. Then, at the beginning of this year, I returned to Chengdu, where I contracted multiple viruses in two different regions.

As a result, I had to be hospitalized. During that time, many people were scared to come near me for fear of being infected, so I was alone in the hospital.

At this critical time, my friend and sister in Christ, K, balanced her work responsibilities while bringing me meals twice a day. Nutritional supplements like protein powder and other nutrients were in high demand at the time, and they were sold out. Yet she chose not to eat hers; instead, she gave it to me.

K is a professional nutritionist. Each time we met, she would bring a variety of nutritious foods in her bag, including staple foods, whole grains, soups, fruits, and vegetables.

Every time she brought me a meal, she would sit quietly beside me, watching until I finished before rushing off to work.

Despite the severe shortage of medication, I recovered faster than others who were infected at the same time, thanks to her nutritional support, and I was discharged after just eight days.

However, my depression, which had not recurred for eight years, resurfaced at the end of May. Once again, it was Sister K who stood by me, unwavering in her care.

When I first relapsed into depression, even the pastors and coworkers from the church were reluctant to pay me a visit at home. Perhaps they were concerned about the risk of suicide and being held legally responsible, or maybe they had other commitments that they could not abandon. It was still Sister K who interceded for me in prayer, visited me at my home, and offered to drive me while working.

Even when I attempted suicide, God miraculously “raised me from the dead”. After the police saved me, I begged the church and my family to take me home, but none of them showed up. They were either spiritually fearful and hesitant or unable to come due to the raging pandemic.

Yet, it was this angelic sister, K, who was willing to take me home. We prayed and read the Bible together, and she provided constant encouragement, companionship, and care, staying with me until I fully recovered. For a period of time, she cooked three meals a day, washed the dishes, prayed for me, accompanied me on walks, and engaged in heart-to-heart conversations...

On this journey of faith, although there are battles, pain, and struggles, we will experience God’s love and protection. We are never alone.

(This is a guest or freelance article written by a Christian in Sichuan Province.)

- Translated by Nonye Nancy

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