Story: Return to God Thanks to Cancer, Failed Business

A picture shows a female believer reading the Bible.
A picture shows a female believer reading the Bible. (photo:
By Livingstones ShiDecember 28th, 2023

Editor's Note: A female believer named Wang Xiaoping encountered a dual crisis in her midlife—career failure and health challenges. Besides the warmth and support from her family, she experienced divine guidance through dreams. Below is her testimony of repentance, rebirth, and salvation of the soul in the first-person narrative.

On June 30, 2009, my 40th birthday, I received notice to cease operations at my store in Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, Shaanxi. I incurred a loss of over 100,000 yuan at that time.

In an attempt to console me, my family accompanied me for relaxation at Qinghai Lake. Back then, I was ignorant, with godless thoughts dominating me; I didn't believe in the existence of God.

From 1999 to 2009, during these ten years of business success, I never attended services or prayed, and I continuously neglected and felt numb to my faith, using my busy business as an excuse.

One night, I had a strange dream. I saw a doctor in a white coat injecting a long needle into my spine. The next afternoon, unbelievably, the scene from my dream appeared again on the television screen.

Afterward, I hurried to the hospital for an ultrasound. That day, I was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer, but I was kept in the dark. The tumor's diameter was 16 centimeters, and there were already ascites.

I was transferred to another hospital, where a professor performed surgery on me. On the day I entered the operating room, a thought suddenly occurred to me, "Is all of this forcing me to go to church? Well, I won't go!" The surgery was very successful. The professor told my family," It can be treated because the cancer cells haven't metastasized." When I came out of the operating room, my family kindly lied to me, saying it was a benign tumor. I thought that after resting for two or three months, I would resume my business without a shred of intention to turn back to God.

On the ninth day after the surgery, I was supposed to start chemotherapy. My sister and brother-in-law came to talk to me and said, "We are Christians; you have to hold on; it's ovarian cancer! Fortunately, it hasn't spread!"

When the words "cancer" entered my ears, my head hung low. I uttered a simple prayer, "Abba! Father! I'm done playing around; I want to go home, and I won't do business anymore." Half an hour later, while the professor was doing rounds, I started preaching to her.

To my shame, I grew up in a Catholic family, studying Chinese language and literature and educational psychology. Yet I distanced myself from God, consuming too much "fruit of knowledge."

After that simple prayer, God gave me two revealing dreams. In one, a 7 or 8-year-old child from my neighbor's house fell into an abyss. The second dream depicted people of all ages crossing a bridge. Beside the bridge was a tall basket, and a man who had fallen into the water was saved and inverted in the basket, pouring out water from his body." I woke up, but I didn't understand. This time, I kneeled and made the first genuine prayer of my life. I started confessing and repenting, weeping for almost six months.

In another prayer, I asked the Lord, "What do my dreams mean?" Then, an idea appeared, "There are many drowning souls around you, many lost souls who believe in atheism. You should tell your testimony, letting them know that the God you believe in is real and alive!"

In the third month of chemotherapy, the cancer cells vanished, and this illness miraculously healed.

Now, I work as a receptionist at a church in Xi'an. Many individuals, families, society, and even the whole world are turning away from God. As Christians, we must accept the Lord's commission and bring Jesus to friends who do not know him.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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